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Why hire a Private Investigator?

Are you at your wits end with regards to a nagging problem which involves another person? Have you racked your brains for solutions to your dilemma and came up with absolutely nothing? Do you feel hurt, frustrated, discouraged, angry and even furious? If you feel like this, it really is time to get some professional assistance to finally clear up a few things. Employing a Private Investigator might be the approach to take to eliminate difficulties and move on to a more comfortable place. After all, some problems just won’t go away without getting such a professional involved no matter how long and hard you try to resolve them yourself.

Getting to the truth is a matter that concerns you and can be a difficult task for even the most tenacious man or woman, especially if they are emotionally involved in the situation or have a vested interest in the repercussions that may follow. A more in-depth look is called for in many situations where the truth is tricky to uncover. An unfaithful spouse/partner or a dishonest staff member are examples of some situations you may find yourself having to deal with. Insurance claims and other official paperwork might require a closer look to ensure that the statements are honest before the process moves on. To obtain the legitimate facts concerning many circumstances BLM Private Investigations are there to help.

You deserve to know the truth. It’s your life, future and happiness at stake so let BLM Private Investigations help you to make informed decisions based upon disputable facts.

Unethical employees can make everyone else look terrible. Employees must be focused on the job and not be swindling you in some way. Unauthorised time away from work, incorrect use of company supplies, and the misappropriation of assets are just a few of the problems that questionable employees cause.

There could be others that work for you outside of the business environment. Some private households use people such as nannies, babysitters, maids etc. who provide a service and could cause a great deal of harm if doing something inappropriate. You will need to take steps to find out the truth if you suspect that someone who has access to your home and family is not operating in your best interest.

Insurace claims, disability and more

In business, in order to shield yourself against fraud in relations to injuries, it is not uncommon for workers compensation claims to be reviewed to make sure they are legitimate claims, and someone is not exaggerating incapacity. It is important to ensure that this system of protection is not being misused by dishonest individuals even though on the job accidents and injuries are taken seriously and averted at all costs. When an injury is sustained resulting in a claim and investigator can authenticate the nature and severity of that claim. The evidence uncovered can ensure that workers who need help will get the assistance they require in a prompt and timely manner. If the evidence proves the claim to be unfounded a loss of monetary funds will be prevented.

If you are experiencing any of the above, please get touch. BLM Private Investigations will focus on your case and work hard to find you the answers you deserve.

What BLM Private Investigations can offer You, the Client

Instructing a private investigator can be very daunting so BLM Private Investigations are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take the stress, anxiety, frustration and hopelessness out of the given situation. Whether you are concerned about someone in your business, family or anyone else BLM have the skills and expertise to help. A fast, immediate response will be given by a trusted and trained professional who will genuinely care and provide a sympathetic approach to your dilemma. We work closely with clients making sure that confidentiality remains a priority and deal instructions to ensure peace of mind for you.

Over the years the North-East has proven to change, even still we have location knowledge, and we use the best tools available to warrant the best possible results. As a member of professional bodies, I work to uphold the professionalism, integrity and values of each organisation.

As every case is unique, a tailor-based service is provided by working closely with you to establish the exact requirements before taking on any case. Upon the conclusion of your case a full write report will be provided which will include photographic images if relevant. During a long investigation periodic reports can be provided upon request.

Working Effectively with BLM Private Investigations

Clearly identify the issues you are looking to resolve and state what you will use the information for upon the conclusion of the investigation. An understanding of the purpose of the investigation is essential for an accurate and speedy resolution.

Think about what information would be useful in assisting with the investigation. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to get the desired results.

Provide dates and times of and previous or future relevant activities where possible. If there are any changes to general routines inform the investigator immediately.

Discuss with our investigator the service to be employed and potential costs. It may be feasible to set a budget. The investigator will notify you when the maximum is reached.

If there are any time restraints within the investigation give full details and reasons. The investigator should be able to work within the given time frame.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information sheet. I hope it has been helpful and look forward to working with you.

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