About Us

I am a private Investigator based in the North-East of England who has over 30 years’ experience working within the legal sector and enforcement. As a member of the Institute of Professional Investigators and the Association of British Investigators, I work to uphold the professionalism, integrity and values of all professional bodies.

I support clients in finding out the truth in any situation they might find themselves in. Whether you are concerned about someone in your business, family or anyone you wish to investigate, I have the skills and expertise to assist. I’m on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to meet your requirements. I work closely with clients to ensure that confidentiality remains a priority and that any case can be dealt with giving you, the client peace of mind.

Over the years the North-East has proven to change, even still I have location knowledge, and use the greatest tools available to warrant the best results possible. Every case is unique, so I offer a tailor-based service. I work thoroughly with all of our clients to make sure I know the exact requirements before taking on any case.

I am a qualified Private Investigator and Surveillance Operative based in Whitley Bay and operate throughout the North-East of England.  I support clients in finding out the truth in any given situation.  I have access to industry knowledge and trained professionals in every aspect of Private Investigations.

BLM Investigations was founded after I spent 31 years working within the legal profession, civil and criminal enforcement and the debt recovery industry. My journey began in 2016 when I started to study for my investigator’s qualification. I travelled to London to take the Industry Qualification Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators which was provided through “The Institute of Professional Investigators”, of which I am now a member. After registering with the Information Commissioner’s Office, I quickly received my first instruction and have progressed from there.

Since then, I have not sat on my laurels. I constantly work to improve my skill set and provide you with the competent, professional service that you deserve. I went on to take the BTEC Level 3 Advanced Awards in Private Investigation and Surveillance through “The Association of British Investigators”, of which I am now also a member of.

I attend as many meetings and forums as I can to keep up to date with changing rules and legislation as well as relevant courses.  I have attended courses on social media tracing and the new Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to ensure compliance.  I am looking forward to further courses in order to increase the services I can offer.

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